Sunday, February 24, 2008

Double Digits

There are two reasons why I only fly about once a month (if that); here's one of them:

My son turned 10 this past week. Seems like yesterday that I was rushing Lauren to the hospital -- out the door at 10 of; born 10 after. And now he has reached double digits. Wow!

He decided that he wanted to invite some of his buddies to go bowling with him and then have them come back to the house for some pizza and cake.

I read somewhere that bowling has become the new "in" thing to do. Yeah, that's my son, the budding hipster. I have a feeling that he is going to want make those tattoos permanent before too long. What's a parent to do?

I have to say, not a bad Dick Weber impersonation. Is there a penalty for releasing the ball too early?

Who us? A minute earlier they were knocking each other silly over that ball.

And here is the second reason why I don't fly all that often: my daughter, Bari. If you look you can see the chaos breaking out in the background. I don't care what anyone says, boys and girls are just different. Put a bunch a girls together and they'll find something productive to do. Boys? Put away the china.

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