Sunday, April 20, 2008


We had a nice Passover Seder at Lauren's uncle's house on Saturday night. On Sunday, her cousin and his family joined us for a nice trip out to the Antelope Valley to see the poppies and other wildflowers in full bloom.

We took the I -5 route and came into the valley from the west. There weren't many flowers above the foothills of Gorman but we did come across one patch that was worth stopping for to take some pictures. The poppies, of course, are beautiful by themselves, but they particularly stand out when they are surrounded by Lupines and other colorful flowers.

After Gorman we hopped on Rte 138 and headed toward the reserve. There were some large poppy fields at the base of the Tehachepis, but I wasn't sure if we could back to them so we didn't stop to explore. About 10 miles in we came across some spectacular fields right along the highway so we stopped for more pictures.

We had intentions of going to the reserve, but on the west side of Fairmont Butte the fields were just blanketed in flowers. Knowing the area from various hang gliding adventures I knew that there was a maze of dirt roads running through the fields; we spent the rest of our outing just driving along them.

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